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Yes, you can enjoy nutritious ingredients, a delicious Nutella vibe without a drop of dairy, and simplicity in this 5-ingredient fudge recipe. The recipe and photos were shared with us by Taryn Fixel, the innovative founder of Ingredient1, a new FREE mobile app that I know many of you will want to download right now.

Ingredient1 lets you explore foods based on ingredients, allergens, nutrition, certifications, and taste profile for thousands of natural and specialty products (yes, they have a dairy-free search, too). With the app, you can create your own FOOD ID, see friend recommendations, give feedback to food producers, and simply enjoy discovering and sharing new foods that fit your diet and preferences.

I wish I could download it myself and do a first hand account, but alas, we are an Apple-free household (for all of you with i-tech, it is available FREE via the iTunes App Store). They plan to come out with a version for Android soon, but in the meantime, Taryn has provided a fabulous quick video to demo how fun, helpful and easy the Ingredient1 app is to use:

And unlike many other food product apps, Ingredient1 is free for both consumers and companies, encouraging a more extensive and complete catalog of information from food brands, too. Since its recent launch in March 2015, over 350 food brands have joined Ingredient1, and the app’s database of foods and ingredients is already 3 times that of the USDA, covering 14 diets, 14 allergens, and 12 types of sugar. Not too surprising that Ingredient1 was rated #1 of 2015’s top health and fitness apps by Greatist!

Which leads us back to Taryn’s vegan 5-ingredient fudge recipe. As she exhibits in her app, Taryn is all about natural ingredients and transparency. Hence the from-scratch appeal, nutrition and simplicity of this easy treat.


chocolate hazelnut 5 ingredient fudge, dairy free

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