Ingredient1 Is The New App That Caters To Your Dietary Needs

New App For Your Dietary Needs - Lioness MagazineAs professionals living in 2015, we’re constantly on the move and can’t always take the time to find the healthiest foods. Such a conundrum is why Taryn Fixel created the Ingredient1 app.

Fixel, founder and CEO of Ingredient1, created the application that is focused on providing the appropriate foods tailored to specific dietary needs or taste preferences. If that wasn’t enough, she’s also an award-winning investigative journalist, who has worked for renowned companies such as CNN and CBS.

“There is incredible value to beginning your career in a larger, more established organization,” Fixel said. “I found mentorship, a range of opportunities … was a part of a team, learned to lead a team. But perhaps the biggest lesson was humility – I didn’t get to be at the top on day one. When I was a page at CBS, I had to organize an entire room of unedited transcripts for a month. I would sit and read them until late in the evening – and that’s how I learned how to ask questions.”

Fixel’s passion for her journalism career has become a bit overshadowed by a larger obsession with food, health, and technology.

Her love and passion for food comes from traveling, she explained. “Learning the unique foods, flavors, and food philosophies of a community and its subcultures connected me to people and places in deeper way,” she stated. Fixel wanted food to be healthy and delicious, and she realized that such a concept was a very real possibility.

The application allows users to pick their diet type and allergies. They can search by flavor, texture, and size and receive suggestions as well as nutritional facts.

Users can also search for specific items or check out the “Daily Food Type” to see a list of similar foods that may fit their fancy.

The app also gives the user the ability to save, favorite, and share food options that are appealing to them.

Ingredient1 - Lioness Magazine“Ingredient1 enables you to discover the best foods for you, from anywhere,” Fixel said. “It made sense for Ingredient1 to be mobile first … since food is tactile, we wanted to create a delightful and interactive experience.”


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