Living & Eating With Cancer

5x Cancer Survivor, Thriver, & Lemonade Maker

Strong, courageous, and a role model for resilience, Lainie Jones shares how to live and eat with cancer.

Cancer changes the way you eat; you want to be healthy and not feed the cancer, but you are also dealing with new aversions and cravings. Lainie is an inspiration to us so we wanted to share her tips, tricks and faves with all of you!

How has treatment affected your pallet and food choices?

Going through treatment I have learned you never eat anything you absolutely love because the chance you risk with not feeling well after you could never eat your favorite item again. I stick to very plain foods and try to eat a few small meals a day rather than large meals to avoid feeling too full. Feeling full I have noticed makes me more nauseous. I also stay away from anything too salty.

How do you use Ingredient1?

Since discovering Ingredient1 it really makes going to the grocery store a lot easier. I have always been the one who goes to the grocery store without a list. I feel having this app has not only kept me focused at the store but has saved me money. Also when I am craving something I love utilizing the app to see what new things I can try under the category I am craving. I highly recommend it to anyone with dietary restrictions because it does make shopping a lot easier.

Friends go through challenges and it’s sometimes hard to know what to say, or how to support them. Advice?

Everyone faces challenges in their lives. Doesn’t matter how big or how small a challenge is a challenge. I always support someone who is facing a challenge by letting them know they will overcome the challenge and it will only make them a stronger individual.

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