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Living & Eating With Cancer

5x Cancer Survivor, Thriver, & Lemonade Maker Strong, courageous, and a role model for resilience, Lainie Jones shares how to live and eat with cancer. Cancer changes the way you eat; you want to be healthy and not feed the cancer, but you are also dealing with new aversions and cravings. Lainie is an inspiration to us so we wanted to share her tips, tricks and faves with all of you! How has treatment affected your pallet and food choices? Going through treatment I have learned you never eat anything you absolutely love because the chance you risk with not feeling well after you could never eat your favorite item again. I stick to very plain foods and try to eat a few small meals a day rather than large meals to avoid feeling too full. Feeling full I have noticed makes me more nauseous. I also stay away from anything too salty. How do you use Ingredient1? Since discovering Ingredient1 it really makes going to the grocery store a lot easier. I have always been the …

Hustling To Eat Right?

Cavemen Had To Hustle To Eat Right Embrace the fast-moving and hard-working Paleo lifestyle without the hunting and gathering. Discover new foods free of grains, dairy, legumes, sugars, starches, or preservatives in the IN1 DAILY!

Beat the Bloat!

Suffering From Belly Bloat This Bathing Suit Season? If IBS is to blame, the low FODMAP diet may be the answer. Designed to fix the gut, this diet has a 75% success rate with those suffering from IBS. FODMAP stands for Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides, And Polyols. Woah! That’s a mouthful of carbs. Let us break it down for you:     What are FODMAPs? FODMAPs are a group of carbohydrates that are found in healthy and everyday foods such as apples, pears, onions, garlic, wheat, honey, agave syrup, and sugar free gum. For those suffering with IBS, this group of carbohydrates are poorly absorbed in the small intestine and as they travel through the GI tract can cause all of those fun symptoms of IBS: bloating, constipation and/or diarrhea. What is the low FODMAP diet? A 2-6 week elimination diet that involves removing high FODMAP foods from the diet in order to test whether they contribute to your GI symptoms. The goal of the low FODMAP diet is to help you learn your personal dietary …

Ditch the Chipwich

As a child at summer camp, my favorite afternoon snack was a chipwich, which I ate with my friends as we walked to the pool. Now we tend towards frozen grapes & pineapples, a great day-to-day alternative, but sometimes I crave the cool creaminess of ice cream with the crumble of cookies.  Create your own combo with these decadent alternatives below. Assemble the night before, wrap in plastic, and freeze overnight for the best results! Be well, Taryn + the Ingredient1 Team          

Meatless Since the ’90s – Plant-Based Food Reimagined

Chef Mark Reinfeld is a culinary innovator creating plant based alternatives with mass appeal. Author of 6 award winning cookbooks, this weekend you can taste his dishes at the Vegetarian Summerfest, one of the largest vegetarian food festivals in the world. Check out his favorite summertime BBQ recipe below and learn more about his favorite products in today’s In1 Daily located in the Ingredient1 App.   Why did you become a vegan? I became vegetarian because I started connecting more with animals. I gradually became vegan because I felt so much better without the dairy and eggs, especially when I learned about factory farming and its impact on animals and the environment. Whats the most innovative vegan food you’ve tasted?  Some artisan plant based cheeses have rocked my world. I like to say that ‘no cheese will remain unconquered’ by plant based alternatives. Also the vegan meringue world is taking off – you can create vegan meringue by using the liquid from cooked chickpeas (also called aquafaba). What’s your fave recipe for BBQ season? BBQ Grilled Tempeh …

Eat Clean, Eat Whole with the Founders of Sakara Life!

Whitney and Danielle believe in a whole-food, plant-based diet, full of delicious and nutrient-dense ingredients.  But people are busy! So they created Sakara Life, an organic meal delivery service to help people kickstart the lifestyle. Check out their simple plant based faves that can be found in your grocery store – and grabbed on the go! What’s the philosophy behind Sakara? Sakara was our solution to a problem. It saved our health, changed our bodies, and completely revitalized our lives. Are there any unusual foods that you discovered when starting the company?  Not really because, growing up, our community utilized food for its medicinal properties. Once we started Sakara, we learned how to cook with these foods in really interesting, delicious ways. What is your favorite food indulgence?  W: Scones. Morning baked goods have my heart. D: Dark chocolate! Or popcorn. Or both. Sometime I’ll add dark chocolate to our Superfood Popcorn (sweet or salty!) and it is…magical.

Brian Halweil

When not eating his way from Manhattan to the farms of Long Island, you can find Brian Halweil working behind the scenes of sustainability initiatives across NY. As the editor-in-chief of Edible magazines, Brian knows great food and creating efficient food ecosystems go hand in hand. Check out his faves and learn more about innovations in food below! What’s your diet and food philosophy? I’m a card carrying omnivore. Preference is local, humane, person-based. Many of my meals are eaten in the name of research–at bars, restaurants, farmstands, the side of the LIE–so I try whatever is being served. But I’m also part of a household. My wife is 95% vegetarian. My children are also omnivores who favor yogurt and cereal in the morning and will explore other foods–duck, oysters, any fruit they can get their hands on–the rest of the day. Lately, we’ve been eating mostly sushi rice topped with pickled veggies, nuts, sometimes a fried egg. What are the 3 most important innovations or ideas in the food movement right now? Next-gen food …

Ingredient1 Is The New App That Caters To Your Dietary Needs

As professionals living in 2015, we’re constantly on the move and can’t always take the time to find the healthiest foods. Such a conundrum is why Taryn Fixel created the Ingredient1 app. Fixel, founder and CEO of Ingredient1, created the application that is focused on providing the appropriate foods tailored to specific dietary needs or taste preferences. If that wasn’t enough, she’s also an award-winning investigative journalist, who has worked for renowned companies such as CNN and CBS. “There is incredible value to beginning your career in a larger, more established organization,” Fixel said. “I found mentorship, a range of opportunities … was a part of a team, learned to lead a team. But perhaps the biggest lesson was humility – I didn’t get to be at the top on day one. When I was a page at CBS, I had to organize an entire room of unedited transcripts for a month. I would sit and read them until late in the evening – and that’s how I learned how to ask questions.” Fixel’s passion for …

Kara Goldin

Bored with water? Don’t drink sugar, just FLAY-VAH IT! Kara is the Founder and CEO of HINT, an all-natural, fruit essence infused water with no sugar or artificial ingredients. This innovator created a process to bottle shelf stable flavored water, a healthier alternative to soda! What’s your diet and food philosophy? Eat real! Avoid foods with preservatives and hormones. Don’t eat pesticides. Limit your sweet (not just sugar but all sweeteners) intake. Watch the sodium intake too. Drink plenty of water or HINT! What are your favorite homemade infused water combinations? Blackberry HINT and Cherry Fizz are probably my favorites! How is Hint Water disrupting Big Soda? HINT is really about lifestyle. We help people enjoy water but adding just a small amount of skins and oils of fruits to flavor it — that’ s it. Big Soda is focused on keeping the consumer addicted to sweet with either sugar or other sweeteners, natural or other. We move people away from sweet and focus them on drinking more water.

Discover Food in the Grocery Store According to Diet Restrictions

Ingredient1 ensures that every ingredient you consume aligns with your personal ‘food philosophy’ CHARLIE STEPHENS 8 JUNE 2015 It can be hard to find the right foods and ingredients to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you’re one of the 15 million Americans who have food allergies, or one of the clean-eaters who chooses to be gluten-free, vegan, or paleo, a trip to the grocery store can be a time-consuming or pricey experience. To make the process easier, Ingredient1 is cataloging every food product and analyzing nutritional info for you. Ingredient1 users can find new food and trending products based on ingredients, allergens, nutrition, and taste profile. The app prompts you to create a food ID by listing your favorite ingredients, and then creates personalized searches based off what you’re craving at the moment (something sweet, crunchy, organic, etc.) Read the full article here: